Computer & Laptop Repair



Because of the amount of time that is required to do the following when repairing computers:

  • diagnos hardware
  • backup files
  • reinstall operating system
  • update operating system
  • transfer user files back
  • and reinstall programs not included with recovery discs

I would have to charge between $500-$1000 per computer to make this business model viable. Since most people will never pay this amount because they only look at the value of their computer & don't put a value on their data, I am no longer providing computer repair services.

This was a hard decision to make & I started repairing computers again over the past couple years because there are no options for people in WNY when it comes to computer repair. I now know why. There are no margins & people think they can use me for "FREE" tech support. I'm sorry, but I'm in business to make a living, not be a charity service.





I am located between Fredonia & Brocton. I own Reilly-Coughlin Carpet Cleaning and do computer recycling & repair in my spare time during the Winter.





To Setup an appointment for Laptop Computer Sales /Repair or Computer / Electronic Recycling Pickup, please call or TXT me @ (716)672-9226. Thanks, Brandon R.