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We are a local technology company that offers small website development, computer repair and local system backup that you can have access to anytime.


After a long time debating whether or not I would continue to offer computer repair services, I have decided against it. The #1 factor is time, but please continue to read because I want to offer people a glimpse of what it takes to properly repair computer and recover data.

The issue is time. It takes a L O N G time to diagnose & repair a computer. The reason is the process I go about repairing computers is though and my #1 goal is recovering the user’s data because that is the one thing you can’t replace. (Pictures, documents, work projects, you get the picture). Below I’m listing everything I did when repairing computer systems and really what every technician should be doing. What techs shouldn't be doing is charging $50 to fix computers (I am guilty of this).

  • Check hard drive functionality
  • Recover files from hard drive as soon as possible to minimize data loss
  • Diagnos other hardware
  • Replace any defective components
  • Run Malware scan on hard drive, if more than a handfull of infections, reformat
  • Reinstall OS
  • Transfer user files back to computer
  • Update software
  • Optional - reinstall additional software not included with recovery disc

Realistically, to properly repair computers and recover user data the cost should be at least in the $500-600 range. You may think, well Brandon you’re just trying to rip people off. No, I actually considered charging $500 per repair, but decided that still wouldn’t be enough to overcome the time issue. I have too much on my plate at this moment & I just don’t have the time.

If you think about it, your average repair is going take 20-30 hours by the time you diagnose, backup, reformat, reinstall and restore all the user files and update the OS. Even at $500 that averages out to $20/hour. Techs should really be making close to $50/hour after you consider the years of training & experience.  Factor in the cost of hardware to be able to repair computers effectively (I have over $30,000 in computers and equipment invested) and you will start to see the problems in this field & why there aren’t any good computer repair shops around.  The cost of doing business is too high & people will not pay $1000+ to have a $200 computer fixed because they forget to price in the value of their data.

I am currently looking into a business or technician I can refer work to but at this present time I don’t have anyone I feel comfortable with that can provide a service that is at an acceptable level to me.
If you’re a tech or business that wants referrals, TXT me at 672-9226 so I can go over your qualifications.

I'm sorry if this comes off as harsh, but I'm just trying to be as honest as I can while still offering some insight.

Thank you for your time,

Brandon Reilly

Me in my ofice working on my main computer system


I don't answer my phone when I'm on the road or with customers, which is most of the time, so the best way to contact me is to:

TXT me @ 672-9226 to setup an appointment

and I will let you know my availability.

Thanks, Brandon Reilly.

Check out the products page for more details on the services we offer.


Computer Recycling (Limited time only: we will pay $5-10 per computer you recycle!)

Does this look familiar?

If so, you're in luck, we are currently accepting old computers and laptops to recycle and will pickup free of charge anywhere in Chautauqua County. Check out our recycling page for more information.

CALL or TXT us at: 716-672-9226 to setup an appointment.

We will pickup your old IT / Computer Equipment in the following areas:

  • Brocton, NY
  • Dunkirk, NY
  • Fredonia, NY
  • Portland, NY
  • Silver Creek, NY
  • Westfield, NY


Computer Repair & Data Recovery

Recently there haven't been too many options to get your computer repaired in the Dunkirk / Fredonia area. I have recently decided to start repairing computers again. (Although I never really stopped. It's something that I've realized I'll never be able to retire from.) I own a local carpet cleaning company; Reilly's Carpet Cleaning (Formally Coughlin's Carpet Cleaning) and that is my #1 priority. With that being said though, I still have time in the evenings to repair computers. Below is a list of benefits over some local repair shops.

  • I will do everything in my power to recover your data. DFT will often push new equipment rather than fix your computer and most system restores wipe your data out. I back everything up before I perform any repair to ensure your data's integrity.
  • House Calls: I will pickup and drop off your computer. Because I do this part time it's usually easier for me to do this. Plus you have the comfort in knowing that everything is hooked up correctly.
  • I will guarantee to beat any written estimate. I have very reasonable rates and make sure the repair is done right and wont try to sell you something you don't need.

Data Backup -

Now offering Blu-Ray disc backup! Store 25-50GB on 1 disk!


If you have an old computer / laptop you want to pull the files off of, I can help. As long as the drive spins up and doesn't exhibit any continuous clicking sounds there is a good possibility of recovering the data. We back your data up to our secure servers that have fail safes built in to protect your data. From there we can put your data onto DVD's for your convenience.

Data Amount 1st Disc Cost
Additional Disks
0-25GBs (1 Blu-Ray disc)
0-50GBs (1 Dual Layer Blu-Ray disc)
0-4.5GBs (1 DVD)
0-8GB (1 Dual Layer DVD)

So 9.5Gigabytes of data backed up to our secure servers and 2 DVD's of your precious data only cost $45 to backup. Remember, all hard drives will fail, it's just a matter of when. I've fallen victim to irrecoverable data loss in the past. Trust my it's no fun, especially when you loose things such as pictures that can never be recovered.

If you have other media you would like your data transferred to, such as a USB thumb drive, we can also do that for you too. You also have the option of maintaining the data on our servers if you want more copies in the future due to loosing or damaging the DVD media.

CALL or TXT us at 716-672-9226 to setup an appointment. Please note this is NOT a tech support number.

Computers / Laptops / Computer Hardware sales

We currently have a number of laptops, desktops and LCDs for sale. Check out our specials on the PRODUCTS page


Need to fix something yourself?

If you looking for a service manual for a device that you need to fix, check out e-servicemanuals.com. They offer a huge selection of service manuals that are all in electronic format so you don't have to wait for it to be shipped!


We also have developed a web app that will allow users more search options when searching Craigslist. You can find the CraigsFullList here.


The band Brainard Project have released their 1st album!!! I am the designer of their website and worked closely with them when they were writing the album. They are an incredible 3 piece progressive power house. Check them out.





To Setup an appointment for Laptop Computer Sales /Repair or Computer / Electronic Recycling Pickup, please call or TXT me @ (716)672-9226. Thanks, Brandon R.