Computer Recycling


Wanted: Old Scrap Computers / Laptops Will Pickup Free of Charge, LIMITED TIME ONLY From 9/1/2013 until 12/31/2013 I will pay $5.00 per scrap computer tower and $10 per scrap laptop.

I am looking for quantity. Please note that I'm located in Fredonia & can't drive all the way to Jamestown & beyond for only 1-2 items. It's just not economically viable. Now if you have 10+ items no problem.

Do you or your business have old computers laying around taking up space. I will pick them up free of charge. Save yourself the time and money bringing these items to the dump.

Below is a list of towns that I will pickup computers / LCD / laptops & circuit boards from, along with minimum # of items needed to offset travel expenses:

Town / City:
Minimum # of Items:
Brocton / Dunkirk / Fredonia areas
Silver Creek
Irving / Angola


What I am looking for:

  • Old computer towers with AMD / Intel Pentium's, 486s, 386s, 286s .(does not matter if they are working, just that all components are still in the case to qualify for $5.00)
  • Laptops (again, doesn't matter if they work, just so there not completely stripped. We will still pickup stripped laptops but they won't qualify for the $10.00)
  • Computer expansion cards like ISA, PCI or PCIe cards, memory and CPUs. (will pickup free of charge but can't pay for these items)
  • Circuit boards (will pickup free of charge but can't pay for these items)
  • Printers / scanners (will pickup free of charge but can't pay for these items)
  • CRT / LCD monitors (CRT monitors will be picked up free of charge if they have a computer tower to accompany them)
  • Various other electronics that have integrated circuit boards


I am located between Fredonia & Brocton. I own Reilly-Coughlin Carpet Cleaning and do computer recycling & repair in my spare time during the Winter. You can click on my Google Map Link to get directions if you prefer to drop something off.

You MUST make an appointment if you are dropping anything off as I am often in and out multiple times through out the day.

Call or TXT (I do accept picture messages if you want to send a picture of what you have) me at: 716-six seven two-9226 to set up a time to take a look at it.