Website Design

Below is a list of pages that we've created entirely or had a significant role in the design.

http://www.cats-attic.com - Home of a great online antique store that we help maintain.

http://www.craigsfulllist.com - A simple website tool that searches all the Craigslist sites in any given state. This saves a lot of time since you don't have to individually search each site/

http://www.reillycleaning.com - Home of a carpet cleaning company that I own: Reilly-Coughlin Carpet Cleaning.

http://www.soundtonez.com - Home a sound sample site. Users can download thousands of sound samples to use in hardware or software samplers.

http://www.e-servicemanuals.com - This site offers thousands of service manuals that are available for download in PDF format. This site also took hundreds of hours to put together.

http://www.brainardproject.com - The home of the incredible 3 piece progressive power house - Brainard Project. This band incorporates jazz fusion, progressive metal and much more into a unique style that is like no other band out their. Music and musicianship at its best. Their demo is available on their site. Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed.

To Setup an appointment for Laptop Computer Sales /Repair or Computer / Electronic Recycling Pickup, please call or TXT me @ (716)672-9226. Thanks, Brandon R.